Can Social Media Improve Customer Service?

Ryan Faria - July 23, 2009

It seems everywhere you go, people are talking about Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.  Many companies have created profiles on these various social media networks, but very few know how to use these platforms to their advantage. 

One way for a company to take advantage of social media is to listen to the feedback they are receiving from their friends, fans and followers.  It is very important to monitor your page, but not hide or delete unfavorable posts.  Internet users are savvy and can tell a page is being censored if every post is a glowing review. By allowing customers to post their experiences, either good or bad, it allows other customers to see how your company handles unfavorable situations and ultimately can fortify relationships with loyal consumers.

Companies should always be honest about a bad experience and immediately claim responsibility.  Liana Evans of Search Engine Watch says, ‘Being humble, accepting the bad, and saying “I’m sorry” when bad things happen to your customers are some of the best actions companies can take when dealing with potentially negative situations in social media.’

By reviewing the posts made on your profile, not only can you protect your reputation, but you can also use these critiques to learn about areas of needed improvement.  Many companies may not even be aware that certain policies or services related experiences need attention.

Let’s face it, when it comes to running a business, the occasional bad experience is inevitable, but it’s how the situation is handled that can make all the difference.  Social media platforms are an extremely popular way for customers to unite and share information.  By habitually posting new information and responses to your social media profile or page, you can keep your followers updated and renew confidence in your brand.

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