Content Curation Ideas for Your Social Channels

Shanine Dorta - December 21, 2016

Coming up with content for your social media channels can be a challenge. You don’t want to post just for posting sake but rather post informative news about your company or industry, or share content that will engage and entertain your audience. Following are a few ideas to help inspire you.

Company-Focused Posts

Folks follow you because they have an interest in what you have to offer. They’ve come to you to learn more about you. Offering company-focused posts is a great way to let your audience better understand who you are and what you do.

Behind the Scenes photos: Let people see what goes on day-to-day at your company. Take a photo of a company meeting, a few associates dining in the company kitchen, or the desk of your CEO. Behind-the-scenes photos give a face to your company and make it feel more personal.
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Agency All-Star: Pick a staff member and feature them on your social profile. Share a photo and some information about what they do in and out of the office. Below is an example of yours truly.


Testimonials: How often do you base your Amazon purchase on the product reviews? Consider sharing a little bit about what others have experienced when working with your company. This might even help a potential customer decide to use your services.

Case Studies: Nothing speaks louder than cold, hard facts. If you have case studies about the winning work you’ve done for your clients/customers, social media is a great place to share it.

Awards: Have you recently won an industry award? Has your company received a prestigious certification? A great way to show those who follow you that you just achieved greatness is to post it on your social channels.

Company #tbt: Show your followers how far you’ve come with a fun and entertaining photo or video from years past.

Audience Engagers

Start up a dialogue with your social media followers by handing the microphone over to them. This allows you to better understand them and allows them to feel like they have a voice.

Ask Questions: Posts that pose a question are known to have a higher engagement rate.

Hold a Contest: Consider coming up with a catchy hashtag and have your followers post content around it. The winner can receive one of your products or services for free. Who doesn’t like free?

Poll: Set up a poll and have your followers respond. Twitter is a great platform for this.

Audience Photos: Have your followers post a photo of themselves with one of your products, be it at home or halfway around the globe.

Hold a Caption Contest: Another great way to increase audience engagement is to post a photo and have your followers caption it.

Give Them What They Want: Let your followers tell you what they want to see. This will help in providing various content ideas. Score!

Industry-Related Posts

Ever heard of the 80/20 rule? In social media, the etiquette book says that your content should be 80% industry-related posts and 20% promotional content. Plus, posting about industry trends and topics will help you become a thought leader among your peers.

Industry News: Has there recently been a huge announcement related to your field? Post a link to the article or write about it and share it with your audience. Setting up a Google alert is a great way to get news the minute it hits the wire.

Blog: If you have a solid team that curates content for you, share a link to the post.

Tool Recommendation: People love to learn about new ways to collect data or help them do their job more efficiently. If you know of a great resource, link to it! Our Analytics blog is filled with tool recommendations.

Event Announcement: Are you hosting or speaking at an industry event? Let your followers know in advance. If their schedule allows, they’ll attend. They might even share it with their friends.

Certainly there are many more ways to engage and entertain your social media followers. Hopefully the aforementioned will help get your creative juices flowing. Want more ideas? We can help.

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