Design Update for LinkedIn

Bea Halstead - July 24, 2012

LinkedIn, a professional social network, has recently started to release a new platform design to users.   LinkedIn’s blog states that it will be a simpler and easier user interface allowing for navigation from a user’s homepage to features, which can improve access to relevant information about your industry.   The more modern design focuses toward current updates occurring within the network.  Users will see trending topics, news, and status updates from their connections in a larger dashboard at the top of the news feed. Engagement with these posts is also highlighted more prominently.    Viewing comments, liking, sharing, and contributing to conversations is available within the stream.   Although this isn’t a huge change to the previous user experience, LinkedIn has hinted that more robust features will soon be added to this home page.   Some of the other features still available are:

  • Recommended people to add to your network.
  • Recommended jobs you may be interested in.
  • Viewers who have viewed your profile (depending on your account settings).
  • Stats for your LinkedIn network like the number of connections.
  • Recommended groups you may like.
  • Companies you may want to follow.
  • Applications you’ve added to your profile like Blog Link, Amazon Reading List, Behance Profolio, SlideShare, and more.

Image source: LinkedIn Blog

Once you have used the new homepage design, there is a convenient feedback button, located at the bottom of certain features, for you to express to LinkedIn what they can improve upon.   What other features do you predict LinkedIn will be incorporating into the new homepage in the future?

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