Does your Facebook Page Stand out?

Michael Buczek - October 26, 2009

With new Facebook pages popping up every day, it is important that your page stands out from the rest, especially from your competition.  It seems that many Facebook pages are only utilizing the basics.  Customizing your page further will help to make it more appealing and can encourage more fans to interact with the page.  Below are a few ideas that you can use to help your Facebook page to be more noticeable.

Custom Tabs
Utilize custom tabs to give your fans something unique.   When a Facebook page is created, the standard Wall, Info, Photo, Notes and Video tab are included.  While you can post some great information in these tabs, creating a custom tab is a another way to get fans interested in a newsletter, promotion, contest or webinars.  Each custom tab you create can also incorporate HTML, so you can lead viewers off of the page through the addition of links.  Adding some creativity to your page will give you something that your fans may not be able to find on a competitor’s page.  Below is an example of a custom tab utilizing HTML.

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