Facebook Ads Get Friendly

Lesley Gross - November 18, 2009

Facebook has made several updates to their advertising platform over the past year in order to make their ads more appealing to users. These ads, called Engagement Ads, provide more features, like the option to “Become a Fan”.

Now they are offering a new option, “Friends of Connections”, which will let companies target their ads to users whose friends are fans of your page.  Setting up the option requires just one additional step:

While the ability to see this feature in the ad is not new, the option for page owners to target just those friends of friends is. The thought behind the “Friends of Connections” targeting is that whatever one friend finds important on Facebook, their friends will as well. Not groundbreaking by any means, but definitely a great way to stand apart from other ads that are displayed to the user. This is an easy way to try and get more fans to your page directly from Facebook itself. In addition, because you are targeting your audience, you can help to increase the quality of traffic to you site from you Facebook campaigns.

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