Facebook is Retiring Income Level and Net Worth Targeting

Charlie Scholz - July 5, 2018

As a result of third-party data mishandling and GDPR regulations, Facebook has been discontinuing the use of select third party data as a targeting source for advertisers.

Facebook’s income level and net worth targeting, which are popular methods of targeting, are now being discontinued. Due to the popularity of these targeting methods, Facebook has given advertisers a warning of the upcoming change and time to prepare.

The targeting methods will still be available to select in new campaigns and ad sets until August 14th, 2018. After that date, you will no longer be able to select this targeting method. Campaigns that still have income or net worth targeting will continue to utilize the audiences until September 30th, 2018. On October 1st, all ad sets with this targeting will have the audience removed.

In preparation for this change, there are some other methods of targeting that we’ve found to be a suitable replacement.

  • Education Level
  • Interest in Luxury Goods & Lifestyle
  • Interest in Money Saving, DIY, Frugal Lifestyle
  • Job Title & Industry Interests
  • Business Owner Interests
  • Lookalike audiences of lead or customer email lists

Keep in mind that each campaign will have its own unique needs. Our Interactive Advertising team is available to answer any questions your business may have.

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