Facebook Offering Grants to Small Businesses

Danielle Leitch - April 22, 2020

In an effort to help small businesses impacted by COVID-19, Facebook for Business recently announced they would be providing over 30,000 companies with cash grants totaling $100 million dollars. Small businesses, who have between 2-50 people and are located anywhere Facebook serves, can be eligible provided the company has served the community for one year or longer and uses the grant in a specified way.

This cash grant is for use on things like rent, salaries, advertising and operational expenses. It is not a Facebook credit – which is what Google Ads recently announced they would be offering to businesses who marketed with them in 2019.

The Facebook application requires several different pieces of information, which most business owners would have readily available. Once the application opens in your city, there is a two week window to submit.  At this point, Seattle, New York and San Francisco have all opened up – on April 22nd all other locations will be available online to submit applications. Learn more and determine if you’re eligible.

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