Facebook Reducing Visibility of Low-Quality Web Pages

Charlie Scholz - May 15, 2017

Facebook is continuously looking for new ways to improve the end user experience, especially when it comes to the heart of the platform, the news feed. This week, Facebook announced that they are implementing new logic to the news feed that will reduce the visibility of link posts that point users to low-quality web page experiences. This type of change should sound very familiar to any SEO marketer, as it is quite similar to how Google approaches ranking webpages within their search engine.

So what fueled this change by Facebook? The platform shared that the community is often disappointed when they click on something of interest and the page has minimal relevant content or they land on a page with a disproportionate amount of disruptive or malicious ads. This also comes shortly after their effort to stop the spreading of misinformation or “fake news”. Stopping misinformation, along with low quality landing pages, will reduce the interest of spammy websites trying to gain ad revenue.

What should brands on Facebook expect from this change? Well, it should be noted that a similar policy has been in place since last year for Facebook advertisers, so the significance of this particular update is for organic social posts. The changes will roll out over the next few months. If you are a publisher of Facebook content that does not have a low-quality landing page experience, you may see slight increase in exposure and reach.

Your landing page may be a low-quality experience if any of the following is true:

• Pop-up or interstitial ads are active
• Malicious or Deceptive ads
• Sexually suggestive, shocking, adult, or “fake news” content
• Disproportionate volume of ads relative to content

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