Facebook Begins Testing Search Ads in Results Pages and Marketplace

Monica Pissanos - December 27, 2018

Facebook recently announced that it will be testing ads in its search results. These test ads will run in both the channel’s primary search results as well as its Marketplace search results.

This upcoming initial test will only be available to select retail and automotive advertisers, but will open up more broadly if Facebook sees a benefit for both users and advertisers. Advertisers participating in this test will be able to select “Search Results” as an additional placement option to run their ads – this option will run existing ads in both primary search results and within the Facebook Marketplace search results. During this time, however, advertisers will not be able to run any video ads or to select specific keywords or phrases to target. All ads will be clearly labeled as “Sponsored” and users will have the same transparency controls as with ads running in the existing placement options of Facebook.

Another important point to keep in mind is that during this test phase, ads will only appear within the United States and Canada. Again, this may open up to more countries based on the results of the beta test.

If you have any questions about this Facebook update or how you may be able to leverage it in your digital marketing, please reach out to the Facebook Certified Experts at MoreVisibility.

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