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June 24 2016

Facebook Has a New Text Overlay Tool for Advertisers


Digital marketers who advertise on Facebook are familiar with these platforms being very particular on the amount of text that are in advertisements. To ensure a great user experience, Facebook instituted a rule that said only 20% of your ad can be text-based. Any ads that has a text overlay greater than 20% would be disapproved by the network for advertising. This created a challenge for marketers and design teams – constantly asking the question internally, “Is the text on this image greater than 20%,” or “How do I create the best call to action ensuring my text doesn’t exceed 20% of the image?”

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May 4 2016

What are Facebook Beacons and Place Tips?


Have you ever walked into a store and received a personalized message or ad from that store on your phone? If the answer is yes, then you may have engaged with a beacon! Beacons are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for retailers and businesses to engage with their in-store customers and Facebook has wasted no time in offering a solution.

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December 29 2015

3 Tips for Effective Facebook Strategies


A common concern we often hear from new clients is “we’re not receiving the engagement from our users we are looking for on Facebook.” Facebook engagement can be a challenge – especially if your company doesn’t have a good strategic foundation for using the channel. Here are three tips for an effective Facebook strategy:Read More

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