Fan Pages and Text Messaging

Emily MacNair - September 8, 2009

More companies and brands are on Facebook than ever before, and this number continues to grow daily.  The ways in which companies can interact with fans also increases continuously, making it difficult to say on top of the possibilities.

One feature that doesn’t seem to be widely known is that Facebook users can actually become fans of a company or brand page through a simple text message. If you are a Facebook page admin, you first need to edit the page to enable someone to successfully become a fan via text messaging. 

From a user’s perspective, to become a fan of one of your favorite pages (company, brand, musician, etc.), all that you need to do is simply text “fan PageName” to FBOOK (32665).  There is one catch… to successfully “fan” a page, a Facebook user must first activate their phone. This can be done through the Settings page shown below.

Does your company attend events or conferences? If so, this feature could be especially beneficial. You could promote your page during an event, and those interested could immediately become a fan of your page through a text message. It could also be a great way to integrate your social media marketing (SMM) efforts with other offline campaigns and promotions, such as TV and radio ads, to encourage page fans that way as well.

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