Fisher-Price App

Danielle Leitch - March 18, 2010

Today’s Wall Street Journal blog post drums up mixed emotions for me.

It talks about recent apps that Fisher Price has developed, targeted both to moms (facebook) and toddlers (iphone). Although I haven’t had a chance to experiment with either, I do see real potential with the Facebook application. The ability to organize photos and selectively share them (or not) with certain friends seems very helpful. The iphone app I am just not sure about. It’s obviously for parents to purchase and download, but truly meant for toddler use and enjoyment. The “marketing mom” in me thinks this is a very savvy and targeted product from Fisher Price, plus an easy way to buy time when you’ve run out of entertainment ammunition. From Apple’s standpoint … man, hook those potential brand loyalists in young! However, the “traditionalist mom” in me is a little concerned with wiring up a toddler. Yes, we want them to be tech-savvy and prepared for what will likely be a totally digital life that they will lead … BUT, how about the old-fashioned art of learning patience? What about getting back to the basics of simple fun and creative self-entertainment?
I am just as guilty as the rest in terms of looking to simplify and streamline everything in my life, but maybe some things really shouldn’t be. What do you think?

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