How MoreVisibility Can Keep Your Creative, Creative

Syreeta Lockett - February 16, 2016

Creativity is one of the greatest assets a company can utilize for a competitive advantage, and some of the greatest ideas may come from people outside of your creative team. As the Manager of Design and Development at MoreVisibility, I’ve learned that the keys to growth and innovation are collaboration and communication. For innovative projects and ideas, it’s useful to source people outside of your company’s creative department. Here are some ways we keep the ideas flowing to keep your creative, creative:

Brainstorming Sessions

As a creative agency, MoreVisibility sources people from different departments to brainstorm direction. Our Manager of Creative Services and Project Managers create an agenda to outline the topic, and allow ideas to flow. As a creative department, we try not to determine “good ideas” from “bad ideas” during the brainstorming session so that all members feel comfortable contributing.

Creative Freedom

There are times when our Project Managers push our teams to be creative. We encourage them to take risks, since something fresh and innovative has growth potential. Once we see the result of their creativity, our Project Managers are trained to reel them back in and edit their work based on the client’s goals and objectives. If we never allow our designers to express their creativity, your company’s creativity could become stale. Our novel approach could provide a new perspective that expands your company’s reach and allows the company to remain relevant.

Research and Inspiration

Our creative department allots time in all projects for creative research. Researching social media channels, magazines, and the internet could serve as a creative catalyst for your project and future. Without research on current trends and what makes them effective, your creative may begin to become repetitive and stale.

MoreVisibility’s creative department has a unique approach to all projects. We don’t follow a template, so all of our creative outputs are customized to our clients’ needs. Source our creative team for new projects to keep your brand fresh and engaging for your clients.

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