How to Get Social with eHow

April Nelson - September 9, 2009

If you have ever done a “how to” search in any of the top search engines, chances are you have come across at least 1 article from eHow returned in the search results.  eHow offers users visitors an online knowledge base of more than 140,000 articles and videos offering step-by-step instructions on “how to do just about everything”.  The vast information is contributed by both professional experts as well as “regular” consumers.  Articles are organized into 100’s of categories to make it easy for users (and search engines) to locate specific instructions.  The tight organization and structure of the website’s content is also ideal for SEO. eHow offers businesses the opportunity to quickly and easily submit their content, and have it available for an audience of over 20,000,000 (and growing) monthly unique visitors. 

Having a presence in eHow can benefit companies in the following ways:

  • Opportunity to link back to your website in certain situations (via personalized profiles)
  • Networking opportunities within the eHow community
  • Opportunity to comment on articles related to your product / service

eHow Article: How to Detect Diabetes Symptoms

Each article and video has a “share” button, making it easy to pass along to friends.  eHow also sends out an “eHow of the Day” email, which provides additional exposure to consumers (and professionals).  By incorporating complimentary How-To Videos, eHow is even more attractive to a wider range of internet users.  This extensive video content is also organized very well and even listed on a special Site Map, reserved for video files.

eHow Video: How to Know if You Have Diabetes

Becoming a member and contributing content to eHow is fairly straightforward.  If your business is interacting in other social networks – give eHow a try!

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