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February 17 2015

Marketing on Instagram: Building a Following Through Strategy & Authenticity


Instagram – the hugely popular photo-sharing network – is a boon for selfie-obsessed shareaholics. But it can be perplexing for marketers, who see Instagram’s huge numbers and want to get a piece of the action – if only they could figure out how. The challenge is that Instagram’s users are savvier than others. Many of them are early-adopters who are awash in advertisements and are totally over ads disguised as social content. So, how’s a marketer to adapt? Through two seemingly unrelated concepts – strategy and authenticity. In this post, we’ll share some tips for using Instagram for marketing.Read More

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December 17 2013

Introducing “Instagram Direct”


Just a few weeks ago Gigaom & Techcrunch reported that messaging was on the horizon for Instagram, and now it is here! The changes rolled out late last week. Dubbed “Instagram Direct,” this unique service allows users to share photos and videos directly with other Instagram users. What is really cool about this feature is that people that you elect to privately share your photos and videos with will be able to like and comment just like they would with any other Instagram post. Check out the video below to see just how easy it is to use:

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October 25 2013

Are You Using the “Photos of You” Feature on Instagram?


In May, Instagram, the social media photo sharing application, announced a feature called “Photos of You.”  This allows users to upload a photo and then tag a company or individual within that photo. For many who view Instagram images, it solves the questions surrounding “Who is that?”, “Where Can I Find/Buy That Product?” or “Do I Know Them?”

“Photos of You” works when someone tags your name or brand within an image, it will automatically appear on your profile page, in addition to receiving a notification in your news tab indicating you were tagged.

Here is how to tag a person or company within an image:

  • On the last step of uploading a photo click “Add People”
  • Place the tag wherever you want the usernames to go on the image
  • Search for the Person or Company that you want to associate the tag with*

This new feature has been very popular and widely-used so far, as it relates to individuals tagging each other and liking that option.  However, companies and brands can leverage this feature too. It is a relatively easy way to collect user-generated photos of your executives, products, locations or overall brand, within the Instagram platform.  You can also see what customers or prospective clients are uploading that is associated to your business/brand.

Of course, the first step for a company to maximize the platform and this new feature (if you have not already done so) is to set-up an Instagram account for the business or brand.  Once set-up, here are some tips to use Instagram to promote your business.

*Validate that you can find your business location through a search on the app.  If not, then it hasn’t been added to Foursquare’s location database. You’ll need to add it in order to create a location page for your business on Instagram. Learn how to do that here.

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