Instagram’s New Feature Allows More Images and Videos in One Post

Chuck Forbes - March 7, 2017

Instagram has finally released an update that they have been teasing users with for quite some time – the ability to upload multiple photos or videos at once. The social platform now has an option where users can upload as many as 10 videos or photos into one post. The followers of those users can then scroll through and see the various images or videos without looking through multiple uploads.

Take a look at the screenshots below:

Instagram Upload

The option to upload multiple images or videos appears in the bottom right of your photo preview screen

Instagram Album Upload

Once your new album is uploaded, a follower will see bullet points or dots underneath your photo that indicate the number of pictures you have in the album. This will let the follower know they can swipe right/left to toggle the images or videos in your album.

Many popular brands and Instagram celebs have already used the feature multiple times on their profiles. If you are wondering how this new feature could impact your marketing strategy, here are some ideas on good uses for this new multiple photo or video feature:

  • Create a post that uses images and videos – this can be a great way to show a cool picture of a product or your team hard at work and then also show a video that supports your claim. This can really immerse the consumer into your brand.
  • Highlight a new product line – for your readers who have retail businesses, this new feature can be great to highlight a new collection, clothing line, new electronics, etc. Really any product that has multiple options (colors, usability, price point, etc.) can be laid out in one post with this new feature.
  • Create an engaging post – with multiple uploads, you can interact with your audience more than before. Some brands have been using lead-in images to ask questions to their followers, like “What’s red, white and green on a Sunday morning?” The next image would be a Bloody Mary to promote Sunday brunch deals. Perhaps you don’t sell Bloody Marys but the same concept can be applied to many types of ads.

When new features on social platforms are released, it is always a great idea to test multiple strategies and see which one fits with your brand and resonates with your audience the best. The new Instagram feature could be a game-changer for your business if used effectively.

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