Is Facebook Advertising Right For Your Business?

Ryan Faria - May 28, 2009

Everywhere you go it seems people cannot stop talking about Facebook.  I have been approached by several clients who are interested in advertising on there.  While having a presence on a social media channel such as Facebook, is important, it may not be the best solution for every type of business.

Facebook ads can be targeted towards members not only by their age, location, martial status, sex and education level, but also by the interests indicated in their profile.  Advertisers are able to select the audience they wish to reach; however, this may not work for certain industries.  For example, an auto accident attorney in Phoenix, Arizona may want to start participating in Facebook.  The attorney will be able to select the Phoenix area as the geographic location, along with the gender and age group; however they would be unable to select ‘auto accidents’ as an interest when choosing the audience.  By only selecting the geographic area of Phoenix, the attorney runs a great risk of having the ads display on undesirable user profiles.  Another suggestion that may work better would be to create a page or group for the attorney.  Searchers would then be able to fan the page and learn more about the attorney’s services.

An example of a business that may perform extremely well in Facebook would be a nighclub.  This advertiser would be able to not only specify sex and marital status, but also particular interests such as, nightclubs, dancing and music.  Not only would they be able to reach the desired demographic but also users who have these particular interests.  In addition, this advertiser may also want to set up a page or group within Facebook for additional advertising saturation.

Facebook is a powerful social media tool that can help you bring your business to the next level.  There are many different components within Facebook that you can utilize. Whether you choose to participate in pay per click advertising or otherwise, don’t miss out on the huge potential Facebook offers.

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