Link building is Synonymous with Social Media Marketing

Bea Halstead - June 4, 2012

There are many concepts and goals that link building and Social Media content have in common.   Businesses that participate in link building for SEO value are hoping to affect their natural search results, by developing content that builds a presence online and forms a community.  Social media networks specialize in connecting people to the interests and information they share in common within the social network.   In this way, link building and Social Media Marketing both focus on creating content for interest groups who will potentially engage with the business.  Link building methods incorporate similar objectives for achieving success as a Social Media presence, like:

  • Shaping high quality content toward the audience and business goals
  • Using monitoring tools to evaluate content performance
  • Identifying Influencer’s that proliferate content and are of quality and relevancy
  • Reporting on the success of the efforts being conducted using analytics

The beginning of a new era in Search integrated with social media content results – Google+ and Bing Social – has begun. Businesses will need to participate within these social networks to achieve optimal results in conjunction with link building efforts.   An idea for expanding link building opportunities with social media marketing is to establish multiple personas within the various social networks that can deliver authoritative content catered to those unique audiences.   If your business has a robust inbound link portfolio, but has to yet utilize social media to distribute and re-purpose that content, it is missing out on a huge opportunity to exposure the business to some of the largest most engaged audiences online.  One of the ways we service our clients is to provide SEO and link building programs in tandem with Social Media strategy reports.   We include an outline of the best content to create for online communities and recommendations on how to re-purpose existing and new content unique to each social media platform.  If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of SEO and link building or Social Media Marketing for your company, call 800-787-0497 or e-mail our SEO / Social Media team.

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