LinkedIn Expands It’s Sponsored Content Offerings with Carousel Ads

Serina Fignole - June 15, 2018

Carousel ads made its debut to the advertising world in February 2015, Instagram the following month and Twitter in June 2016. As of June 2018, Carousel ads have finally become an offering on LinkedIn.

This is a great advertising unit for every brand that currently or wants to advertise via LinkedIn. In a single carousel ad, digital marketers can feature up to 10 swipeable cards that can be customized with innumerable types of content. At this time, video is not yet a part of LinkedIn’s carousel ads, as it is for Facebook, Instagram and via inclusion in tweets on Twitter.


LinkedIn stated that, during its beta phase, over 300 advertisers tested and used their carousel ads. 75% of these beta advertisers said they will use carousel ads in their next Sponsored Content campaign because they saw an increase in engagement and click-through rates.

Due to carousel ads’ interactive and eye-catching nature, this advertising unit will stand out amongst LinkedIn’s newsfeed. In addition to being able to measure standard metrics, such as overall click-through rates and number of leads for this ad unit, advertisers will be able to measure clicks and impressions for each individual card.

If you haven’t previously used carousel ads in another advertising platform, here a few ideas for how to use them effectively:

  • Telling a story through a series of images
  • Displaying multiple offerings at once
  • Displaying a single offering in depth
  • Sharing multiple insights from a single piece of content

If you have any questions about LinkedIn’s Carousel ads, please reach out to the experts at MoreVisibility for assistance.

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