LinkedIn Updates – New UI and Introduction of Stories

Danielle Leitch - September 25, 2020

This network continues to evolve and introduce new features for the community and advertisers. Many changes were released today, which are highlighted in a blog by LinkedIn’s CEO.

One of particular interest, is the introduction of STORIES. Similar to many other social networks, LinkedIn Stories allows you to post photos and videos that vanish in 24 hours.  This feature is available just within the App and currently only appears to be for Premium members. In the next few days it should roll out to everyone.  You will know you have access once the circles appear horizontally on the very top of your App interface, like shown in my view below.

Once you obtain the feature in your App (make sure you are using the latest version and reboot phone), to post a Story on your profile, touch the circle with your photo and a plus sign in the upper left corner to open the camera.

Options available include:
✔ Record video or take a photo directly through the app
✔ Upload video (up to 20 seconds) or an image
✔ Add a sticker and / or text
✔ Mention users with “@”

It will be interesting to figure out creative ways to use this new feature, particularly given the professional setting. As LinkedIn is usually focused on someone’s business network, the familiarity and uses of Stories on Facebook and Instagram likely won’t apply or be meaningful.

Below are some initial posts using Stories on LinkedIn:

Please send me a LinkedIn connection request, so we can network and I can view your “Stories”.   Below was my first one:

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