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November 1 2012

LinkedIn Releases Video Ads


LinkedIn has introduced video ads on their social media advertising platform to target to its 175 million members. The new video ads will appear in the standard 300×250 ad units across the LinkedIn site and will compete with traditional text and image ads for impressions.

The targeted video ads take over the entire ad space when clicked and allow LinkedIn users to click directly through to an advertiser’s site once the video has completed playing. In addition, advertisers can target professionals by job title or function, industry, geography, company size or name as well as other targeting options for these video ads.

Advertisers can create video ads on LinkedIn by using existing YouTube videos. When creating a new video ad, advertisers can enter the YouTube video URL during the ad creation process.

These video ads are available on pay-per-view and pay-per-click models and can be created without having a set media buy. Advertisers can set daily budgets for a campaign as low as ten dollars per day with a minimum cost-per-click of two dollars.

The network says that video ads have a three time higher click through rate than regular ads on the network. The average click through rate on LinkedIn is approximately 0.20%.

Below is a screen shot of how to create a video ad on LinkedIn.

October 12 2012

Three New Features You Should Know About On LinkedIn


Within the last two weeks LinkedIn has introduced multiple changes to make connecting with other sociable professionals easier.  Here are the top three we think you should know about.


You can now endorse your LinkedIn connections for a skill that they have listed on their profile or better yet, you can recommend them to add a skill that they haven’t listed.  There are two ways to endorse your connections:

1. By going to the new Skills & Expertise (beta) page from the “More” drop down menu on the LinkedIn home page.

2. By clicking the yellow “Endorse” button in the blue box on the profile page of your                        connection as you can see in the screenshot below.

LinkedIn will notify you by email if you get endorsed. You can also scroll to the bottom of your profile page to see the people who’ve endorsed your skills.

Follow Professionals
As you might know, if you aren’t a colleague, old classmate, friend, in a group with or done business with someone on LinkedIn you cannot connect with them.  Now, LinkedIn has made it possible to follow other professionals.  Currently, you can only follow what LinkedIn considers 150 of the most influential leaders.  Some of those as you can see in the screen shot below include Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Sir Richard Branson.

Once you follow any of these thought leaders, you will be able to like, comment and share their posts.  Fortunately, LinkedIn plans to expand their list of influencers within the next few months to individuals who they consider to be industry specific movers and shakers.  Want to get on that list?  LinkedIn is also offering you the opportunity to submit a request to become an influencer by going to

New Company Pages
LinkedIn started testing new company pages a few weeks ago a select few companies. Recently they rolled out the new company pages to more than 2 million companies.  The changes on the new company pages are mostly aesthetic.  It now includes room for a larger cover image, easily visible content and they are now viewable on mobile devices.  You can see what the new company pages look like in the screenshot below.

August 27 2012

4 Tips for Optimizing a LinkedIn Company Page


Businesses that are B2B marketers should consider the value of LinkedIn as a growing professional network for its potential to generate leads.  A recent infographic published by LinkedIn marketing, shows that LinkedIn generated 212 million business leads in the U.S. for 2011. They found that 46% of the audience follows industry discussions and 43% use LinkedIn to learn about companies.  It’s easy to make a case for participating in the network, when you consider that 60+ million U.S. members use LinkedIn as a professional resource. If you already have a LinkedIn company page, the next step is optimizing it.

You can optimize your LinkedIn Company page with the following features:

  • Add Unique SEO Copy – Create unique, keyword rich copy for the Company Overview, Description, Products/Services, Promotions, and Status Update sections.
  • Optimize Your Page Design – Create designs for up to three banners that include strong calls to action and visually support your business model. Include a Thumbnail on each Product/Service listed; up to 5 can be featured. Include a YouTube video about the Product/Service on each landing page. Add copy for a promotion about  to the service,  that links to your website.
  • Optimize Individual Profiles – Each company page connects to an individual profile, and more than one profile can be linked with the page as a contact resource. Each optimized profile can create and participate in Groups, Answers, Discussions, and Add Events.
  • Target Audiences – Once the LinkedIn “default” Company Page is complete; you can duplicate it and adapt the content toward target audiences. You may choose to alter your page’s banner design, featured services, and text that will only show for specific designated page filters. This will ensure that the customized company pages are specific to the industry, job function, geography, etc. of your choice.

These tips can be used to improve your LinkedIn Company Page, in order to make it more effective in generating traffic to your website and capturing leads. If you are interested in pursuing this type of optimization, but don’t have the internal resources to accomplish the outlined tasks, you should contact us for information about our LinkedIn Optimizer program.

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