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August 23 2011

LinkedIn’s Share Button


LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network on the Internet, has over 120 million members as of August 2011.  These individuals are browsing the internet and when they come across good onsite content, they have the same urge many of us do – to share what they have found with others in their network.  A simple snippet of code, typically added to a section of your website near other buttons such as Google’s +1 Button, Twitter’s Tweet Button, and Facebook’s Like or Share Buttons is all that is needed for set-up.  You can build a LinkedIn Share Button through LinkedIn’s Developer Network.  The buttons come in three basic designs: No Count, Vertical Count, and Horizontal Count (example below).  No Count is simply the button without a numerical count of how many people have clicked the button to share the content.  Vertical Count places the numerical bubble count above the button and Horizontal Count places the bubble count to the side of the button.

Upon clicking of the LinkedIn Share Button, the count (if shown) will increase by one and a pop-up will appear (if you have pop-ups allowed).

The pop-up box has three options of how you can share the snippet: Post to updates, Post to group(s), and Send to individuals.  The first option, Post to updates, allows you to add a personalized message to the snippet, post to Twitter at the same time you post to LinkedIn, and adjust the visibility of the post (anyone or connections only).  The second option, Post to group(s), auto-completes a group’s name as you type it into the Group(s) field.  If there is a grey lock symbol next to the group name, this signifies that the group is Members Only and that posts will only be visible to members.  If you are posting to an Open Group, note that the post will be visible to everyone on LinkedIn.  After selecting your preferred Group(s), you can also add a subject and details to the post, both of which are optional fields.  The third option, Send to individuals, allows you to share with people who you are not currently connected to by entering their email address in the To: field.  You can also include a personalized message and check a box to disallow the recipient from seeing your name and email address (the default for this box is checked – where those you are sending the post to would see your name and email address).  Once you have decided how you would like to share the snippet of content (and you have the option of using any combination of the three options) you can click the blue “Share” button.

June 9 2011

MoreVisibility Twitterchat June 8


LinkedIn for Business
Thursday June 8, 2011

MoreVisibility’s Twitterchat (#MVCHAT) took place today. The discussion corresponded with MoreVisibility’s live webinar on “Leveraging LinkedIn for Business” with EVP @DanielleLeitch.  LinkedIn has and continues to play a large role in networking and connecting with other professionals. Working the channel as an individual as well as a representative of a company enables you to leverage your professional network in unique ways.  This week’s #MVCHAT highlighted the most important aspects of LinkedIn and explained how companies can optimize their experience and efforts within this growing social media network.

MVCHAT is a weekly 30 minute discussion starting at 3:30 pm (est) covering a variety of online marketing topics. Clients, advertisers, and online marketing enthusiasts are invited to participate in this rapid-fire conversation by following and including #MVCHAT in tweets. Read more about #MVCHAT in the news here.

November 8 2010

Announcing LINKEDIN’s New Company Pages for Businesses



I was invited to attend Connect10, LinkedIn’s annual brand and marketing summit held in NYC this week.  In addition to recapping some of the features rolled out to the platform during 2010, they made a major announcement to introduce a new feature on Company Pages – Services.  Our company was one of a select few to participate in the pilot program for this and is very excited at the possibilities it offers advertisers.

MoreVisibility’s Company Page (you will need to be logged in to see a robust version) on LinkedIn features this new section (as a result of our participation in the pilot for the program) but it is still being rolled out to all companies – so you may or may not have the feature yet.  It appears on your Company page as a third tab, next to Overview and Careers, on your Company Page.  Adjacent to this (on the right) is where you will find the options of adding or editing this area of your page.  You must have a company email address in order to be able to modify the page for that company.


On the main Services page, you are able to list out your products or services, in addition to designated some as “featured”.  Companies can also segment products or services to specific audiences they select.  This is especially helpful for vertical focused solutions you offer.

To provide more information on each service or product, there is an option to create a Details page for each. Here is where you can elaborate with additional text, video and images which all support that specific product or service.  You can also request recommendations from client on specific products or services, which will be displayed on this page.  This is a great Landing Page to consider, as it offers contact info for your team and individual endorsements by others.

When signed into LinkedIn, please visit our Company Page to see this new feature in action!  We would welcome an opportunity to discuss your company’s strategy to leverage this channel, through paid advertising options and this free Company Page.  Email me or let’s connect through LinkedIn.

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