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November 8 2010

Announcing LINKEDIN’s New Company Pages for Businesses



I was invited to attend Connect10, LinkedIn’s annual brand and marketing summit held in NYC this week.  In addition to recapping some of the features rolled out to the platform during 2010, they made a major announcement to introduce a new feature on Company Pages – Services.  Our company was one of a select few to participate in the pilot program for this and is very excited at the possibilities it offers advertisers.

MoreVisibility’s Company Page (you will need to be logged in to see a robust version) on LinkedIn features this new section (as a result of our participation in the pilot for the program) but it is still being rolled out to all companies – so you may or may not have the feature yet.  It appears on your Company page as a third tab, next to Overview and Careers, on your Company Page.  Adjacent to this (on the right) is where you will find the options of adding or editing this area of your page.  You must have a company email address in order to be able to modify the page for that company.


On the main Services page, you are able to list out your products or services, in addition to designated some as “featured”.  Companies can also segment products or services to specific audiences they select.  This is especially helpful for vertical focused solutions you offer.

To provide more information on each service or product, there is an option to create a Details page for each. Here is where you can elaborate with additional text, video and images which all support that specific product or service.  You can also request recommendations from client on specific products or services, which will be displayed on this page.  This is a great Landing Page to consider, as it offers contact info for your team and individual endorsements by others.

When signed into LinkedIn, please visit our Company Page to see this new feature in action!  We would welcome an opportunity to discuss your company’s strategy to leverage this channel, through paid advertising options and this free Company Page.  Email me or let’s connect through LinkedIn.

July 16 2010

LinkedIn Groups have a new look!


This month LinkedIn is revamping the Groups section of their site.  You may already be a member of a group on LinkedIn, but if not, I would highly encourage it.  More than likely, there are groups about your industry or a specific topic that is of interest to you.  LinkedIn’s groups have always been a great way to portray your expertise in a particular area or stay up to date on news topics, but with this recent update I imagine that they will become even more helpful.

The focus of this revamp seems to be to place an emphasis on discussions within groups.  You will now be able to find news and discussions all in one place, making it easier to start discussions around recent news topics.  One of my favorite features is the carousel within the discussions section. This area is a great place to highlight topics, such as blog posts, as MoreVisibility’s group features. Members of the group can then scroll through the different featured topics.

Individuals within these groups can comment on an article, news, or discussion topic.  When they do, a thumbnail image of that member will appear. Simply scrolling over that user’s image will enable you to see their comment.

Other features include an area called Top Influencers This Week.  Following top influencers can help you to stay current with their topics and discussions. You can actually follow any members within a group. This follow feature in particular seems to be very “Twitter-like”.

There is also a Manager’s Choice section, where the Manager of the group can select a discussion topic of their choice to feature. You can also search discussions to find a specific topic that interests you. 

Become a member of a LinkedIn group today to learn about how you can get involved.

June 10 2010

How to Leverage LinkedIn as a Marketing Channel


Join us: Wednesday, June 16th at 1pm EST (10am PST)
Can’t make the date? Also available on-demand

MoreVisibility and LinkedIn team up to bring you 10 ways to leverage LinkedIn by targeting their 7.9 million business decision-makers.
The topics to be covered include:

Targeting Decision Makers Utilizing LinkedIn DirectAds
Company Profile Creation & Benefits
Optimizing Your Profile To Attract More Customers
Creating and Answering Questions To Drive Leads
How Polls Can Increase Your Customer Awareness
Joining or Creating Groups To Interact Directly with Group Members
Create and Promote Company Events To Drive More Attendance

LinkedIn: Andrew Chang, Marketing Manager
MoreVisibility: Danielle Leitch, Executive Vice President of Client Strategy
This webinar is 45 minutes. On-Demand webinar access will be provided after 06/16/2010

Space is limited. Register Here Now.

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