LinkedIn’s Share Button

- June 20, 2011

There are a lot of buttons appearing on websites these days.  Twitter has the Follow Button and the Tweet Button.  Facebook has the Like Button and the Send Button.  All of these buttons allow visitors to be active participants in the promotion process.  LinkedIn released a Share Button that is growing followers amongst businesses looking to promote content B2B.  The Share Button is placed on a webpage with a simple snippet of code.

Visitors to the page click on the button and a pop-up window appears.  Within this window you can edit the content to post on LinkedIn.  The content includes a title for the snippet, a blurb, and an image.  Visitors can choose whether or not to include the image (pulled and minimized from the webpage).  Also within the pop-up window are three ways you can select to share the content: post to updates, post to group(s), and send to individuals.


‘Post to updates’ which goes into the stream of posts on LinkedIn (similar to a Twitter stream) goes as far as to allow you to also post the content to your Twitter account (essentially a Twitter Tweet Button within the LinkedIn Share Button).  You are also able to segment who sees the content to ‘anyone’ or ‘connections only.’  If you are active in groups on LinkedIn you are able to share the content to one or more groups.  If you have a specific individual in mind (whether you are currently connected with them through LinkedIn or not) you can share the content with them through the ‘Send to individuals’ option.

LinkedIn’s Share Button is a great tool for businesses with webpage or blog content that they think professionals would like to share.  The button and pop-up are easy to use and take up very little real estate on your site.  If you would like help choosing which social media buttons to add to your webpage or blog, please contact MoreVisibility’s Social Media Team.

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