Live Stream Videos in Online Marketing

Shanine Dorta - December 26, 2016

If you’re looking for a new way to increase engagement and reach new social media followers, live streaming can help. Whether you utilize an app like Snapchat or Periscope, or try Facebook Live, the opportunities for your brand are countless.

What is Live Streaming Video?

Live streaming video is content sent in compressed form over the Internet and displayed by the viewer in real time. With streaming video or streaming media, a Web user does not have to wait to download a file to play it. Instead, the media is sent in a continuous stream of data and is played as it arrives. Live streaming video can be considered an interactive extension to video marketing which has been proven to be an effective form of advertisement.

Currently, video accounts for half of all Internet traffic, so it makes sense that you’d want your business to be a part of that. Videos are generally affordable, and their ROI has been tested and proven.

If you decide to use Facebook Live as your video streaming platform, the videos are automatically saved to your timeline. This allows for the content to be available to share, tweet, incorporate into a blog post, and more.

Live stream videos certainly don’t have to be a huge production. For example, if there is a question you receive on a regular basis, consider creating a quick 2-3 minute video to answer it or even provide a quick tip. Additionally, since live streaming is done in an open forum, your consumers have the opportunity to ask a question as it arises. This makes customers feel like they’re part of the action, all the while getting to know you and your products/services.

If you’d like to learn how live stream video can be incorporated into your online marketing strategy, email us.

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