Meebo Connects Multiple Social Networks into One

Carolina Usbeck - February 26, 2010

Have you ever wondered if there is a system you can use to connect all of the social networks you use? Look no further, Meebo is a free service that allows users to gather all their friends in one single buddy list.

Meebo offers real time interactions with different IM platforms which facilitate talking and sharing information easily. Platforms that are supported by Meebo include AIM, Yahoo!, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook IM and many others.

Meebo offers these services through a variety of tools such as a Meebo bar, Meebo notifier, Meebo me, Meebo rooms, Meebo mobile and even as an extension for Firefox. These services can be very useful for a marketing strategy since it provides an organized and compact approach for interacting with clients using social media. Meebo provides multiple services that can be useful to maintain a close and real time contact with clients and with company employees as well.

The Meebo Bar allows the option of sharing and chatting on a blog or site, the Meebo notifier on the other hand provides a connection without the use of a browser and displays messages on your computer. This can be very useful in a working environment. The Meebo me, allows you to add a chat to your blog or site, which enables you to chat with visitors/clients and keep track of them as well. The Meebo rooms allow you to chat and share media on chat rooms or a site. The Firefox extension provides the same service as an add-on to Firefox, where you can see your buddy list and be able to chat and drag and drop links to the conversations. Another service offered is Meebo mobile, which is an app for mobile devices including the iPhone, Android phones and Windows based mobile phones. This application provides the buddy list, and Chat service.

The use of this type of application can help SEO by providing real time updates to users’ accounts such as Twitter recently added to Meebo and Facebook, enabling the search results provided by Google to include the latest information posted. This being through a computer or through a mobile phone, which allows you to post any information to your social media accounts wherever you are, that is if using a 3G network.

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