More Changes to YouTube’s Homepage

Lesley Gross - April 30, 2009

In an effort to give their viewing audience what they want or may be looking for, has come out with yet another new homepage layout. This latest round of changes comes just after the recent rumblings that YouTube, in effort to compete directly with, will start showing full feature movies and television shows.

In a recent blog post, YouTube explains that they did this, in part, to make the page(s) easier to navigate. You can also customize your homepage, when logged in, to add or remove specific modules.


Among these big changes are Spotlight Videos, which when displayed, will be more prominent on the homepage. These videos are deemed by YouTube to be the best or most relevant in the video community. In addition, to help display a wider variety of video results, YouTube is now organizing their Most Popular videos by category.

Finally, in order to have the ability to continue growing and testing out different designs, YouTube is finding new ways to get more advertisers on to the site. Recently, they changed the name of these video ads from Sponsored, to Promoted. The cost of advertising remains very low and allows for just about any business to take advantage of the large amount of viewers.

They assure their audience that more changes are soon to come, so stay tuned!

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