MoreVisibility Twitterchat July 28

Danielle Leitch - July 28, 2011

The Importance of Using Analytics for Marketers
Thursday July 28, 2011

MoreVisibility’s Twitterchat took place today, July 28th. MoreVisibility’s chat (#MVCHAT) was lead by Executive Vice President, Danielle Leitch (@DanielleLeitch) and Joe Teixiera (@jtex316) and discussed the surprising statistic that nearly half of all marketers responsible for websites fail to implement analytics to track their activity. The topics discussed included:

  • How analytics is the best way to demonstrate ROI
  • How analytics can help you further slice and dice your data regarding social media and mobile activity
  • The ability to watch new trends in mobile device adoption and useage

MVCHAT is a weekly 30 minute discussion starting at 3:30 pm (est) covering a variety of online marketing topics. Clients, advertisers, and online marketing enthusiasts are invited to participate in this rapid-fire conversation by following and including #MVCHAT in tweets. Read more about #MVCHAT in the news here.

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