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New Penalties for Clickbait Headlines on Facebook

“You won’t believe what Facebook did”
“Read more to have your mind blown by Facebook’s Update!”

Everyone loves clickbait headlines… that’s why content producers use them, right? Actually no, Facebook is very well aware that their users don’t like misleading, sensational or spammy stories, especially when the headline is clickbait. The platform is continuing their campaign to improve the user experience just days after announcing penalties to content producers that have a low-quality website experience. Penalties will now be applied to content producers who use clickbait headlines that withhold and/or exaggerate information in an effort to get users on their website.

This isn’t the first time Facebook has taken action against clickbait. An update was made in August 2016 to further reduce clickbait in news feeds. According to Facebook, this week’s update focuses on three core areas:

You should only be worried about this update if your Facebook posts utilizes clickbait headlines. Facebook provided two specific examples that can help paint a picture of what clickbait can look like.

“When She Looked Under Her Couch Cushions And Saw THIS…”

“WOW! Ginger tea is the secret to everlasting youth. You’ve GOT to see this!”

If you are utilizing headlines like these, Facebook says that once the page stops posting clickbait and sensational headlines, only then will your posts not be limited in reach. Our expert social media and paid advertising teams are always available to help with any Facebook questions or needs.