New Targeting Capabilities in LinkedIn Ads

Jill Goldstein - March 27, 2019

LinkedIn recently announced new ways to increase the scale and ROI of LinkedIn advertising efforts with new targeting features – the integration of Microsoft Bing search data to interest targeting, lookalike audiences and audience templates.

Bing Ads + LinkedIn Ads = B2B Targeting Bliss 

Late last year, Bing Ads began incorporating LinkedIn audience data into search campaign targeting. Now, LinkedIn has announced that they have begun integrating Bing search data into their recently added interest targeting feature. This integration of data is sure to improve the reach and relevance of interest targeting in the platform. The (not so new) relationship among the two is really beginning to benefit advertisers and we couldn’t be happier.

LinkedIn Joins the Likes of Competitors with Lookalike Audience Targeting

LinkedIn has also announced the addition of lookalike audiences as a targeting feature to help you grow your business. Just like those of Facebook & Google Ads, seed lists can be either website visitors or target accounts. The platform will use the common traits of your lists to find new, professional audiences similar to your core lists to expand reach. We have seen fantastic performance from similar platform’s lookalike audience products, so we expect this to be no different.

Save Time in Campaign Setup with Audience Templates

Last, designed to simplify audience targeting, audience templates are now available to quickly help people who manage multiple campaigns targeting the same audiences. Simply create your audience once and re-use it for future campaigns and across multiple accounts.

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