Optimize Your Videos Like You Optimize Your Pages

April Nelson - October 15, 2021

Just like pages, videos can rank in search results. By optimizing your videos like you optimize your pages, your content will have a good foundation to rank in both Google and YouTube. Where Google use metadata to understand information about your pages, YouTube uses titles, descriptions, and tags, along with video content to match content to the searcher’s query.


A well-written, keyword-targeted title helps YouTube, search engines and searchers understand the topic of your video. Every video should have a unique title that makes users want to click through, keeping it under 60 characters long.


Use the first 130 characters to provide context about your video to people and search engines. You can go up to 5,000 characters so take advantage of this space, especially for lengthier videos where you have more detail to include.


Always include 5-8 tags that help categorize and describe your video. Use the keyword(s) you are targeting in the title and description, their synonyms, and perhaps a broader category.


Most importantly, spend the time to create a well-designed thumbnail. Don’t settle for a pre-selected thumbnail when you upload your video…unless you find one that looks attractive on desktop and mobile and relates to the title and description of your video. Having a catchy thumbnail can set apart your video from other results and help boost click through rates for your videos.

While there are other factors that go into ranking video content, by tackling these core areas you will ensure that your video content has the foundation to rank in both Google and YouTube. If you want to get honest feedback about your current video strategy, please reach out to us at info@morevisibility.com.

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