Optimizing Your Social Channels for Search Results

Chuck Forbes - January 26, 2024

When we think about organic rankings, search engine optimization comes to mind. But there is another opportunity for organic search results from your social media channels. These rankings could prove just as valuable if you look at the user journey. A user clicking to your social media channel from organic rankings is making a pitstop on the way to your website. Instead of a direct line of traffic to your website from search, you can now gain a follower, post engagement, and still provide the user your website link.

Here is a checklist you can use to ensure your social media channels are optimized for search:

  • Choose logical, on brand handles. Make sure the handle is easier to understand, even if it is abbreviating your brand name or a long word. If possible, use the same handle across all platforms.
  • Make sure your profile name is filled in and matches all other social media channels.
  • Use the description to incorporate relevant keywords so users can find your profile. I know descriptions may not be the “trendiest” way to showcase your brand, as many profiles use the description for a clever joke or motto, but it is the surest way for search engines to match up relevant users with your profiles.
  • Link your website to every social media channel. If you have multiple websites, consider a service like Linktree.
  • Link your social media profiles together by sharing handles for each platform, on each profile.
  • Provide contact information for each profile. Brands typically dedicate a contact email address or phone number for support on their social channels. I would recommend the same contact information on each profile, for internal efficiency.
  • Maintain consistent post content and frequency. You want to ensure the brand messaging, tone-of-voice and creative match across all of your social profiles. You also want to keep your post frequency consistent; it is ok to post more frequently on some channels, but you do not want to have long periods of inactivity.
  • When posting, utilize as many audience category tools as you can. This can include hashtags, category assignments, user mentions and profile tagging, and locations. This will increase your reach and percentage of being seen as well as provide search engines better context for your content.

In many ways, optimizing social media for search is like optimizing your web pages, there is a decision that needs to be made on how important following all the recommendations are. A brand may decide to not add keywords to their description and keep a slogan that all their followers know, while another brand decides the extra visibility is what they need. Optimizing social media channels will involve auditing your profile setting and making sure you have a checklist for posting content.

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