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March 14 2019

Pinterest Advertising Options: A Simple Guide to Set You Up For Success


You can’t have a conversation about image search without talking about Pinterest. In 2019, Pinterest has secured a strong foothold in the rankings of top digital properties scoring 21 out of 50 in Comscore’s Top 50 Multi-Platform Properties. According to Comscore’s latest rankings, Pinterest reaches more monthly unique users than the likes of LinkedIn, Netflix, Yelp and Spotify.

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March 17 2014

Rich Pins 101: Enhancing Your Pinboards with Pinterest Rich Pins


If you’re on Pinterest but not using Rich Pins, you could be missing out. Rich Pins enable brands to include additional information about their images – including entire recipes, product pricing and availability, and location information – right inside their Pins. There are five types of Rich Pins: Place Pins, Article Pins, Product Pins, Recipe Pins, and Movie Pins.

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January 15 2014

Using Pinterest Group Boards to Grow Your Audience, Discover Brand Advocates & More


So you created a Pinterest profile for your brand. You’ve been pinning, adding new boards and repining images from influencers, but you still aren’t seeing enough results. Maybe your boss is even saying, “Do you still think Pinterest is the right channel for us?” Before you throw in the towel or send your Pinterest profile out on an ice floe, why not try to get some real engagement happening. It’s time for you to take advantage of Pinterest’s Group Boards.

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