Pinterest has a New Design

Bea Halstead - March 19, 2012

Pinterest released a new page design for profile pages this week that will be advantageous for both piners and businesses.  The new design highlights the user profile in a large header and has added more connection options for a user to populate.  The board’s image preview has gotten an update, along with the ability to arrange the boards with a drag and drop feature, so you can organize what boards will appear above the fold.   They have also improved functionality by moving main navigation elements and activity to a single bar just below the profile header.

This is an example from a recent blog post with the previous profile landing page design.

This is the new profile landing page for Harrods after the design release today.

Profile Dashboard:

  • New Profile Header contains social sharing icons and a new location icon that populates information provided in the profile settings.
  • Activity with the boards and pins you create is now highlighted in a right side container.
  • Stats/ Navigation of boards, pins, likes, and activity is now organized into a single bar below the header making it more accessible. The follow all (boards) button is front and center.

Board’s New Design:

  • Name of board will show 22 characters before truncating the text and is hyperlinked.
  • The board image is now using the most recent pin to the board as the larger thumbnail and then four smaller thumbnail previews of what is also pinned inside.  At this time you can’t adapt how this image is created, it is based on recent posts.
  • The stats for the board are also clearly defined above the image, showing how many pins are available in each board.
  • The large follow button below the image will follow only that individual board when selected.

Pinterest is making a more business friendly push toward offering more pronounced brand exposure with the new header design.  By also adapting the navigation on a page, it has created a more functional environment for members to interact with. They will find it is easier to edit, manage, and organize boards, and learn about other profiles, by easily noting the page stats and viewing recent activity of pins.   As more businesses start to become early adaptors of this social sharing platform, we will explore the campaigns and marketing strategies making it a successful endeavor for them.  If you haven’t gotten a Pinterest account yet, we recommend posting to accounts (Facebook/Twitter) requesting an invite from a friend/follower, rather than requesting an account from Pinterest – which can take weeks with no response.

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