Relationship Marketing Through Storytelling

Syreeta Lockett - April 28, 2016

Products and services have benefits. Most customers have a reason why they use your product or service. Understanding the benefit of your product and service, and allowing your customers to help shape your brand’s story, could compel more people to become customers of your brand.

Find the Why

Interview loyal customers to determine why they like your product. Conduct surveys or interview clients to see what makes them continue to come back. Is it due to friendly customer service? Do the clients love the results? Compile your clients’ feedback and note key sentiments. This provides you with the ‘why’.

Stories Have More Than 140 Characters

Knowing why your customers come to you isn’t enough. You can’t simply tweet: “Clients love our customer service” to attract more people. You have to develop a comprehensive story that continuously shows your benefit, without explicitly stating the benefit. If customer service is your key benefit, think of creating a story around it. How will you show how your customers feel as a story? Will you do a video with customers who love your customer service to create a short commercial? Or possibly you can recreate situations and show how you resolved them. It’s not enough to tweet out your benefit, you have to show it as an engaging story.

Storytelling 360

Your story has to be illustrated on your website, social media, email marketing campaigns, direct mail, etc. It’s not enough to tell a story via social media. You have to incorporate it into your website. The Design and Development team at MoreVisibility does a great job of using infographics, process graphics, and custom images on a client’s website in conjunction with the MoreVisibility Social Media team placing complementary elements on a client’s social media. Because storytelling and engagement is so important, MoreVisibility takes a 360° approach to telling a client’s story with content, social media management, and design and development.

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