Reputation Management in Social Management

Sonya Wood - October 21, 2009

With the explosion of social media channels, it is easier than ever for consumers to share their experiences about companies or products. With Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn, people are talking.

This is where companies get scared. “What do I do when I get negative word of mouth via social channels”, they ask. Taking a more proactive approach, as opposed to a reactionary one could help confine negative comments. There is no way to stop people from sharing their thoughts but, as a company, you can take steps to minimize the negativity.

It’s best to have a plan in place for these situations before they even happen. Also, make sure you are on the social media channels where your audience may be having conversations related to your brand or products. Engage participants within these channels and build your following.

It is important to listen to what is being said. Don’t just spout your message with no regard to what your audience is saying. By listening carefully, you can then better respond in the most appropriate manner. It is vital to measure the success of your reputation management strategy in social channels. Is what you are doing to minimize bad publicity working or should you try a new approach?

Most important is to approach reputation management in social media channels with professionalism and courtesy.

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