Social Media and your Link Building Campaign

Heather Wall - June 4, 2009

Social Media is all the talk these days.  With marketers jumping on the social wagon, it is important to note that engagement in social media channels shouldn’t be considered as something to do just because everyone else is. There are many benefits your website can receive by engaging in social media channels.  One of the benefits relates directly to your Search Engine Optimization efforts.  Most SEO initiatives involve some kind of link building campaign and social media can really aid that cause.

Utilizing social media channels is a great way to enhance your link building campaign and there several ways to make this a successful effort. Whether you post a really interesting tweet, update your Facebook status with a compelling message, or involve yourself in the answers forum on LinkedIn, each social media channel has the potential to have your content reposted and shared through the community.  Each time your content is reposted or shared, there is an opportunity to increase links back to your website, therefore aiding your link building efforts.  No matter which social media channels you are involved in, you should consider link building as a part of your strategy. You’ll make some great Organic gains.

There are some pointers that I would like to highlight.  First, in order to have your content shared, it has to be interesting enough for people to want to read it, and then share it with others.  Social media is online word of mouth marketing, and people love to share funny or compelling content.  Avoid posting mundane info, like “just got to the office,” or “I’m starving can’t wait for lunch time.”  These posts don’t serve any benefit. Instead try getting creative, or use humor to capture your audience’s attention.

Whenever possible make sure the content you post has links back to your website. This way as your content is redistributed, you are increasing the number of links back to your website and therefore building up your backlinks in a very natural manner.  The more links back to your website you have out there, you increase the likelihood for the search engines to find their way back to your website over and over again.  The more this happens, the more search engines will view your website as a reputable source, and over time, you will begin gaining stronger organic positions.

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