Social Media Has Become the Nation’s Lifeline

Taylor Wilson - January 28, 2010

Social media has made the world seem like a very small place despite geographical boundaries and distance between populations.

When a nation needed help these past few weeks they turned to social media for aid. Social media tools have become a lifeline in the wake of the earthquake devastation in Haiti. Platforms likes Facebook and Twitter have once again proven that they are effective tools for spreading information and connecting with people across the globe.

According to CNN, social media’s instant communication has had a significant impact on Haiti relief. The viral spread of charity text message campaigns that were posted on profiles and tweeted nationally have raised more than $11 million for Haiti victim relief. Thousands of tweets, re-tweets, TwitPics and status updates were shared and viewed as this devastating disaster unfolded. Both celebrities and civilians helped to spread the word and raise awareness. Within hours of the disaster, mass viral communication was well underway. Social media has made it easy for people to find out valuable information and respond to the news quickly.

Haiti is one of several major world events that Social Media has become the stage for. In the past few weeks social media has also had an impact on world news in places like China and Iran. Both Twitter and Facebook have allowed us to encounter real-time communication and information as the courses of these events have evolved globally.

Businesses are now finding successful ways to capitalize on social media’s global reach and impact. We have worked with several clients who have been able to achieve great results through both Twitter and Facebook. Businesses are now able to offer their serves as either a relief to a global crisis or as a source for a solution internationally. Companies like Unites Airlines, Spirit Airlines, FedEx, Office Max, Cisco and Texas Instruments have seen success in using social media to build a relationship and brand awareness with clients all around the world.

Social media allows businesses to spread information quickly and in real-time. These free platforms allow businesses to connect with customers from different sides of the globe, discuss ideas, generate buzz, establish a brand, spread awareness and even raise millions of dollars in relief funds. Social media is and will continue to be an impactful tool in an ever-growing number of ways.

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