Social Media is the Next Generation of Marketing

Taylor Wilson - December 4, 2009

Social media has grown new legs and is beginning to capitalize in all industries. In today’s current economy with the National Unemployment Rate at nearly 10.2% (according to United States Department of Labor), Job Seekers are seeking new avenues to find a job. Social media networks have broadened their horizon beyond just marketing and brand awareness, and have become a primary venue for job seekers. 

Traditionally, people sought out employment by contacting former colleagues, networking with new acquaintances, or relying on referrals. Social networking sites now allow job seekers to make those contacts electronically. Networks such as LinkedIn have become a lead proprietor in both the job search and marketing arenas. Social Media networks have become one of the main go to places for all avenues of life.

In addition to creating awareness and establishing relationships, LinkedIn has become one of businesses’ main sources for recruiting employees. A survey conducted by Jobvite found that 80 percent of companies use or are planning to use social networking to recruit candidates.( Companies use LinkedIn tools to converse with former employers or co-workers, check out recommendations, and get a sense of potential employees communication skills, as well as get insights into their qualifications. LinkedIn has established a professional platform for sharing that type of information and establishing those relationships. LinkedIn profiles can serve as both a professional marketing tool, as well as an online resume in a sense. 

Other social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook can also be useful tools for both marketing and recruiting. Companies use their Facebook pages to post new openings or promote offers or products Twitter allows companies to tweet 140 character messages of jobs or current promotions, which can quickly be retrieved on a cell phone. Social media networks have become the next generation of successful marketing tools for companies.

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