Social Media Marketing is a Marathon, Not a Sprint.

Andrew Wetzler - July 19, 2022

Among tried-and-true business practices, social media marketing is still kind of an outlier. We know it’s effective. We know there’s clicks, customers and SEO power to be garnered. However, ROI can be a bit trickier to pin down. Adding to the difficulty, the ever-changing algorithms make it a moving target and just when brands and influencers alike figure it out, it evolves.

However, a presence on social media is no longer a luxury for businesses. From back-end office solutions to consumer facing products, a social media footprint is crucial. Having no presence leaves holes of untapped engagement among active audiences. We see brands and businesses engaging in social media marketing every single day – from paid ads to utilizing influencers. The masses are aggressively consuming content across social media platforms, from monitoring the news to shopping for bathing suits.

Brands need to remember that the quantifiable benefits may be more challenging to calculate but the benefit is undeniable. The stars may align for a singular post to result in clicks, likes, purchases or whatever you are using to track success. Or it may take a steadier cadence of social media posts and a heavier online presence to see any real traction.

Social media marketing is still a relatively newer avenue to secure business. It’s also one of the more dynamic and rapidly growing ones. Throw some strategy behind it with the understanding that you may need to remain fluid and tweak things after some trial and error. Set realistic expectations and have patience as you curate your social media marketing plans. Social media shouldn’t be overlooked, rather treated as a marathon instead of a sprint.

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