Four Targeting Strategies For An Effective Facebook Campaign

Serina Fignole - September 5, 2017

As the list of targeting strategies continue to expand, it has become difficult sometimes for marketers to know the best ways to reach their target audience. While many companies believe their customers may not use Facebook, this social media channel remains at the head of the pack in terms of the number of active users – so, there is no shortage of potential customers to get in front of.

Thus, for your next Facebook marketing campaign, here are 4 effective techniques you should be using to reach your audience.

Followers (and Their Friends) Targeting

Targeting your Facebook followers through ads is necessary because it is not uncommon for more than 90% of your followers to NEVER see an organic post from you. This method is very effective since your followers have already shown any interest in your page. Therefore, to get them to engage with a post can be easier than an audience that is probably unfamiliar with your brand.

Also, Facebook allows you to target your followers’ friends, which is another great tactic to use because often friends have the same interests. Moreover, if they know/see that their friend follows your page, the more likely they are to engage with your page or content.

Interest Targeting

One of the most effective and easiest targeting methods is interest targeting. However, since it is so easy to do, you must make sure that you aren’t targeting an audience that is too broad.

For example, your company wants target competitive runners and you are inserting keywords related to competitive running into the targeting tool. While doing so, you see that over 200 million people are interested in the broad topic “running”. At first glance this may seem like a goldmine, but then again many times the larger the audience, the less targeted it truly is.

Demographic Targeting

When a product or service appeals to a specific segment of the population, demographic targeting is an effective tactic to use. Besides the basic demographics (location, age and gender), Facebook’s demographic targeting options give marketers the ability to target audiences based on education levels, job titles, paternal status, and much more. Overall, whatever demographics you chose to target via Facebook, the key is to ensure that these attributes align best with your audience.


Remarketing is used to get users who didn’t convert the first time around to come back to your website. There are two different ways to approach remarketing in Facebook: traditional pixel based remarketing and custom audience by email list.

  • Traditional Pixel Based Remarketing: For this approach, you have to place a pixel on your website that tracks users who’ve visited your site and left without converting, and remarket to them.
  • Custom Audience by Email List: This approach lets marketers create a custom audience in Facebook by inputting a list of emails. After which, it’ll match those emails to Facebook users who are using the same email for their Facebook profile.

For all of your social media efforts, it’s vital to make sure you’re reaching your audience when, and where it matters most. Make sure to test out a few or all of the targeting tactics mentioned above. If you want to learn more, please reach out to us.

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