The Latest LinkedIn Updates are Sure to Make Marketers Rejoice

Christina Fournier - August 7, 2017

LinkedIn, arguably the world’s largest professional social media network, has long been a favorite platform for many marketers who are looking to reach professionals or a B2B audience. Thanks to some new tools on the platform, reaching specific stakeholders in your customer’s decision-making process just got a little easier. Plus, some new updates that will allow your LinkedIn Posts to be a little more engaging.

Post Analytics

LinkedIn is now giving you insights, on both mobile and desktop, for the audience you are reaching with each update. According to LinkedIn, you can now see the companies your viewers work at, their job titles, how they found your post, and who and how many people reshared your post.

Multiple Images Per Post

LinkedIn is finally embracing the shift toward visual content that other social media channels, like Facebook and Twitter, have already capitalized on. You are now able to select up to nine photos in a single post. This can be helpful when posting images from corporate events or conferences you attended, for example.

Native Video

Similar to other social media channels, LinkedIn has begun to allow users to post videos directly in the channel. Currently, this feature is only available to a small group of mobile users, but very soon you’ll be able to record and post videos directly from your LinkedIn app.

To see the full list of tools and updates the platform announced this month, check out the LinkedIn blog.

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