To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

Andrew Wetzler - February 18, 2010

I have spent a lot of time over the past few months debating my personal path into Social Media. As a company, MoreVisibility has been very active in the appropriate channels for quite a while (both for ourselves and for clients), but personally I have stayed on the sidelines.

The question I keep circling back to is whether a corporate presence is sufficient, or whether it is appropriate (or practically necessary) for me to be out there as well. The opinions I have received from colleagues and friends are widely divergent.

After scoping out the various options, I have (for right or for wrong) narrowed my focus to Twitter. Some of the folks I have spoken to feel that Twitter is too much non-important chatter, while others believe it presents an unprecedented branding and business development opportunity. One peer was able to document new business her firm has received as a result of her individual participation.

Even though I feel like I am a bit late to the party, my research indicates that I am actually early relative to many other business owners; or maybe they have decided that it’s not right for them?

An additional dimension of my uncertainty is the notion that Social Media shouldn’t be attempted half-heartedly and once you start, you can’t really stop if you want to be taken seriously. That’s what we tell our clients anyway. So I am trying to figure out whether I should allocate the time to tackle it properly. My Twitter profile is To date, I have never made a tweet. Please feel free to follow along to see if I jump into the pond.

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