Twitter for Business: Top Corporate Twitter Tips

Khrysti Nazzaro - December 3, 2015

Twitter is a deceptively simple social media channel – all you need are 140 characters or fewer, and you have yourself a tweet. But, just because it’s easy to tweet just about anything, doesn’t mean your brand should approach Twitter lightly. If Twitter is a good strategic fit for your social media marketing (and that’s the first thing you should validate), then it will take a lot more than some random aphorisms or sayings to make your company successful in the channel. Following are 10 tips – each 140 characters or less – for improving your corporate use of Twitter:

  1. Post regularly – even a few times a day is okay, as long as you’re following these other suggestions.
  2. Tweet useful information – don’t just “sell.”
  3. Authentically have a dialogue – don’t post solely for the sake of one-way amplification. Twitter is a conversation, not a bullhorn.
  4. Share news or ask questions. The new Twitter Polls allow you to survey your audience. Apply the knowledge you learn from the polls.
  5. Incorporate well-branded imagery and video into your tweets – copy isn’t enough.
  6. Use the same judgement you do with all professional communication – don’t confuse casual with unprofessional.
  7. Don’t be too “self-centered.” Take the time to actively follow others’ accounts and reply to their tweets.
  8. Give credit to others in your Twitterverse. Retweet or like their content, praise their insights, & add to the conversation productively.
  9. Use hashtags wisely. Too much is overkill, too little or not at all, is like lighting a match, when you really need a floodlight.
  10. Track performance. Do people click on the links in your tweets? Do others like and retweet your content? If not, refine your tweets.

Twitter can be an incredible medium for accessing a wide network of existing or prospective customers, if you know how to make the most of it. Use these tips to improve your tweets and in-channel activity.

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