Track More Conversions with New Facebook Call Extensions

Monica Simmons - December 28, 2021

Facebook recently launched a new tool to track phone calls that happen as a result of a visit from an ad: call extensions. While call extensions have been widely used within Google Ads for some time, it’s a new way to track conversions within the Facebook Ads platform outside of the more traditional Facebook Call Ads.

Basic Setup

The setup is quite simple; when creating a new campaign, make sure to select either “Traffic” or “Conversions” as the campaign objective. You will go through the initial setup of the campaign and ad group-level targeting before reaching the ad-level section of setup, which is where the call extension option is available.

You will see a checkbox underneath the optional Display Link field and above the Call to Action field, as shown below. Once the box is selected, a field to enter your business phone number will appear.

If it makes sense for your business to only run call extension ads during business hours, there is an option to edit Ad Scheduling at the campaign level as well.

How Call Extensions Work

When someone clicks on your ad (on a mobile device), the new call extension will appear as a button at the bottom of the landing page. This differs from call ads where users are directly calling your business from the Facebook ad. Call extensions allow users to read more about your product or service on the ad’s landing page prior to contacting your business.

Call extensions only serve to users on mobile, and placement is limited to the Facebook News Feed. Your ad may still serve on other placements; however, the call extension will not be included.

To learn more about this new feature or advertising on Facebook, please reach out to your Client Strategist or contact us today.

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