Twitter Bets on Real Time

Chris Naff - August 4, 2016

Earlier this year we made predictions on the changes coming to the social media landscape in 2016. One platform we’ve had a keen eye on is Twitter. Given its slow growth compared to other major social networks, we were anticipating some changes. With the return of co-founder Jack Dorsey as CEO, many have wondered which direction the company might be headed.

Twitter has been and remains the first place millions of people go to in order to both learn about and participate in live events and breaking news. The platform has added new tools such as Moments to help foster this type of activity. It is now clear, they are placing a major emphasis on real time content.

When the world wants to know what’s happening, Twitter has the answer.

For a brand, it’s critical to remember a few things.

1. It is still crucial to watch for trending topics and hashtags in Twitter to see if your brand’s voice can add value to those conversations. Jump in and ride the hashtag.

2. Twitter’s focus on important events and occurrences means that brands should also focus on what is important to say. What adds value to your audience? Share that.

As Facebook continues its dominance as the world’s largest social network, and platforms like Instagram and Snapchat grow ever more popular, Twitter must evolve in this competitive landscape. Betting on the platform’s effectiveness in real time situations might help it do just that. If the company can succeed in doing so, it will remain an important place for many brands to develop and share their story.

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