Twitter Promoted Tweets

Melanie Wahl - August 9, 2011

If you use Twitter regularly, you may have noticed a small yellow-orange icon of an arrow pointing toward the top right corner of your screen.  This little icon indicated that the tweet, hashtag, or username it appears near is a promoted – read “paid” – Tweet, trend, or account. 

An example of a Promoted Tweet is the following from @generalelectric:


This Tweet does not show up in the regular stream of Tweets from @generalelectric.  It is displayed in the home streams of Twitter users who have conducted a relevant search or are one of the advertiser’s followers.  The Tweet can be replied to, retweeted, or marked as favorite, the same as a regular (non-promoted) Tweet.

Promoted Tweets helped move Twitter from a micro-blogging platform into a paid advertising platform.  Today, hundreds of advertisiers have tested the waters of Promoted Tweets and eMarketer, Twitter, and ClickZ have compiled some data as to the level of engagement to be expected.

Because Promoted Tweets allow your business to get in front of a large number of people with varying interests that are using Twitter but who are not necessarily currently following your account, by adding Promoted Tweets into your marketing mix you can extend the reach of your brand.

You can sign up for more information from Twitter’s advertising department by filling out this form or you can contact MoreVisibility to talk to our paid placement team.

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