Twitter – The New Word of Mouth

Katherine Bennett - August 26, 2009

It’s a rule of thumb that most people will accept advice about a purchase from people they know and sometimes from people they don’t know. People seem to trust word of mouth advertising because they feel the person giving the advice has no ulterior motives.  There’s a trust factor. For some, Twitter has become the new word of mouth.

I recently read an article in the New York Times about a man named Curtis who has a crème brûlée cart in San Francisco. He noticed that he was getting more new customers and found that his satisfied customers had been tweeting about him on Twitter. Seeing that Twitter was a business benefit, Curtis signed up for a Twitter account and now tweets to his followers about his cart location and the crème brûlée flavors of the day. For Curtis, Twitter spread the word about the crème brûlée quicker than he ever could have. More importantly, he had happy tweeters who were singing his praises.

Twitter can be a great business tool for small businesses who want to get their name out without spending a lot on advertising. Businesses can communicate their thoughts and ideas with consumers. Similarly, consumers can ask questions and share their feelings on your product or service. The real money maker comes into play, when your satisfied customers share their experience with others. Anyone can blow their own horn; it’s another thing when others speak highly of your business or service.

Twitter, is a great way to efficiently advertise your business without using traditional advertising methods. If you haven’t tried Twitter, go ahead. Just make sure your business is selling a quality product or service.  Your business may find that just like Curtis, new customers are standing in your line.

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