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June 16 2016

Twitter Updates will Allow for More in the Allotted 140 Characters


In an effort to simplify tweets, Twitter recently announced changes which will include what actually counts toward the 140 character limit. Following is an overview of the updates.

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December 3 2015

Twitter for Business: Top Corporate Twitter Tips


Twitter is a deceptively simple social media channel – all you need are 140 characters or fewer, and you have yourself a tweet. But, just because it’s easy to tweet just about anything, doesn’t mean your brand should approach Twitter lightly. If Twitter is a good strategic fit for your social media marketing (and that’s the first thing you should validate), then it will take a lot more than some random aphorisms or sayings to make your company successful in the channel. Following are 10 tips – each 140 characters or less – for improving your corporate use of Twitter:Read More

August 10 2015

How to Increase Twitter Engagement in Real Time (And Why You Should)


Social media users thrive on the now, the new and even the next. Unfortunately, many brands are left trying to play catch-up. This invariably leads to brands attempting to capitalize on the momentum around a moment or hashtag by doing or saying something tired or even regrettable. But you doRead More

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