Twitter’s Follow Button

Melanie Wahl - June 10, 2011

Currently, most websites include social media icons that link to their social media profiles; typically you will see icons for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Twitter has just launched a Follow button, that when placed on your website, allows visitors to follow your Twitter account with a single click. No longer do you need to worry about your visitors being taken offsite to and then not making their way back to your webpage.

The current Twitter icon is second from the left, amongst typical social media icons:

The new Follow button is pretty straight forward.  It keeps the two-tone Twitter blues and bird and will automatically have your account follow the account connected to the button if you are logged in to Twitter.

You can access the code for the Follow button to add to your website here:

Vanity Fair’s main page is an example of the new Follow button in action:

The new process of following through the use of the Twitter Follow button:

The process of following through the use of the Twitter icon:

Don’t confuse the Follow button with the Tweet button.  The Tweet button allows visitors to your website to share content from your website to their Twitter followers with a click of a button your website. 

Examples of Tweet buttons:

There are many benefits to using easily identifiable Twitter icons, the new one click Twitter Follow button and the Tweet button. Twitter continues to release new ways to enhance your website and increase engagement with your audience. We look forward to seeing how these onsite buttons will progress in the future.

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